Memorial Rebirth -Yokohama Triennale 2008-

Memorial Rebirth is the story woven by bubbles.
The bubble machine used for the performance is able to produce maximum 10,000 bubbles per minutes. With 50 machines, this project will change the scenery with 500,000 bubbles.
The stories are varied according the time and spaces.
The masses bubbles, which appear suddenly, fill the town, stay there at once and then disappear.
This performance continuously expresses moving vibration and swing of the energy of life.
Audience witness the appearance of the whole space, even the whole world turned into bubbles. The audiences are flown into the space of the energy when they encounter them.
The story hides cultural and historical meaning, the story born at the site not recognized when they pass by, and the story created by audience; 3 stories are emerged through the bubbles.

"Yokohama Triennale 2008"
Venue:Yokohama Kanagawa
Medium:FRP, aluminum, bubble machine, bubble liquid
Size:φ504x 400 mm / 1 machine x 50