Memorial Rebirth -GIFU Project- /2009

Urban renovation is conducted across Japan.
The town once existed at the site was disappeared with renovation. The word of time, space, and history of the place become just a simple one.
Under the theme of how to connect the real history and not to itemize it, Memorial Rebirth was the performance at the site of renovation in Gifu Tonya-machi.
The town was started from the black-market after the World War Second and grew to one of major Japanese arcade in 60 years. The project showed the history and memories of the town as scenery through Memorial Rebirth. The performance was held at the arcade and on its roof. This is to express the inside/outside of the space as a spatiotemporal distance.
By blowing bubble from the roof of the arcade, time and space hidden by arcade was sublimated. The figure of the town, which was developed just like a patchwork through light (bubble), was remained in the memory of people.
At the same time, the performance conveyed the history to people by the people of the town and media.
This time’s performance intends to bring back the figure of disappearing town and people’s memories, and connect them.

“GIFU Project”
Venue:GIFU Tonya-machi
Medium:FRP, aluminum, bubble machine, bubble liquid
Size:φ504 x 400 mm / 1 machine x 50