Liminal Air -descend- 2006

“Liminal Air descend” is the visualization of the invisible powerful stream.
The 6 th volume of MANGA comic book Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo contains the scene where the body resolves into lights and varied into energy. Cosmic energy separates the body and the spirits. “Energy=mass times the speed of light”, theory of relativ ity by Albert Einstein was realized.

There are two ways to experience this piece.
First, the audiences will be infiltrated into part of the stream and become hidden in the labyrinth of white light by entering the piece.

Second, audiences could enjoy the piece by viewing them from outside of the piece.
The piece is constructed by countless strings which create the wave, the figure of light.
The audience standing outside of the piece can see the process that the audiences who enter the piece is infiltrated into the light.
The piece itself works as stage, producing people who gaze and are seen just like being in a theatre.
At Takenaka Corporation Gallery 4 with the floor made of mirror, the piece creates the space which makes audiences feel the floating and falling in the sky.

”Liminal Air – descend – 2006”
Venue:GALLERY A4,Tokyo,Japan
Medium:nylon string, fluorescent lights, acrylic mirror, etc
Photographed by Tadasu Yamamoto