Liminal Air Space-Time /2012

This is a new installation where cloth is used to make the observer aware of the domains of time and space. The cloth moves up and down, causing a fluctuation of the borders that divide various territories.
When people watch this cloth, they will probably feel that its movements go against their expectations of how things should move according to the force of gravity. Perhaps some people will feel that time is passing quickly while others might feel that time is being slowed down. By jolting the sensations, a dimension of time and space that differs from everyday life can be created. I hope that in this dimension, people will feel their established notions about gravity being shaken, and that through their bodies and
senses they will experience the contradictions to their expectations. This work expresses the breaking down of existing values and creating anew.

Proof of Existence
Venue:The Hakone Open-Air Museum
(gallery depth 730cm)
Photo:Satoshi Nagare