Echoes-Infinity - The forest /2012

A pillar of colour reveals itself like a stratum.
The earth is coloured by history and time.
The invisible time exists within that forest.

Echoes-Infinity is a work that has been produced and exhibited since 2002.
This installation uses paint materials (a new mineral paint) from “Nihonga”, which literally means “Japanese-style painting”, to create an entire space covered with traditional flower shapes and patterns. This combination conveys the fluid and evolving footprints of culture. A juxtaposition of creation and destruction is born when visitors step onto the painted flower garden. Within that space, time and memories are engraved on the floor. With the passing of time, the flowers begin to blur, but the imprint of time, which is eternally present, creates a new space to replace the old.

The pillars in Echoes-Infinity stand tall as symbols of culture and time, while the floor represents the land of history and time, which supports the pillars. Together, these elements form The Forest. Shinji Ohmaki hopes that as visitors immerse themselves within The Forest, they will be able to feel the evolution of civilization, created from topography, as it transforms and morphs into a future reborn.

"Art Garden"
Venue:Singapore Art Museum 8Q
Medium:Pillar/Canvas,Pigments,Acrylic case
Size:Pillar/2,800 x 400 x 65 (mm) ×12pieces