Workshop & Performance


Dance Performance/ Ella Rothschild “Futuristic Space” Shinji Ohmaki creates the stage art.

Ella Rothschild is a choreographer, multi-disciplinary artist and dancer. Ella was a sensation in her performances of "JUDAS, CHRIST WITH SOY" which she choreographed and collaborated with Moriyama Mirai at Honmoku Area-2 (2015) and Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 (2017). Ella has been dancing with <Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak Dance Company> and <Batsheva Dance Company> under the artistic direction of Ohad Naharin.
Since 2010, Ella is creating and developing her own movement language in her works and collaborating with artists from various disciplines. Her work integrates dance, visual-art and music.
Ella opens our program with a world premiere of "Futuristic Space". The story of "Futuristic Space" takes place several thousand years in the future and reveals an image of a society that survived a big catastrophe. The work investigates the role of each character in the existents and survival of the group. It's revealing the weakness of humanity when thus confronted with nature, integrating the work "Liminal Air-Space-Time" of contemporary artist Ohmaki Shinji .

  • Choreography, Direction:Ella Rothschild
  • Art:Ohmaki Shinji
  • Music:Gershon Waiserfirer
  • Performance:Omiya Daisuke, Sasamoto Ryoji, Suzuki Ryu, Yuasa Ema, Michal Sayfan

1.31 [thu] 19:30 2.1 [fri] 19:30 2.2 [sat] 15:00 2.3 [sun] 15:00

Venue:Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall