New Artworks《Echos Infinity -Immortal Flowers-》in GINZA SIX

A new artworks by Shinji Ohmaki "Echos Infinity - Immortal Flowers -" will be installed in the new Commercial facility "GINZA SIX" that opens on April 20, 2017.

Different works will be displayed at 4 elevator halls on the 2nd to 5th floors.


A sculpted peice combining Edo-komon-style printed morning glories, Chinese bellflowers, chrysanthemums, and butterflies. Edo-komon is an exquisite Japanese style of print that brings out the uniqueness in detailed, strictly-formatted prints. This design is the end result of Japanese craftsmen competing for a more detailed, smaller, and thinner patterned designs, which was encouraged by the law established during the Edo period to ban extravagant, flashy kimonos. *Writer’s Message “Arranging an eternal flower that will pass on the accumulation of time, memories, culture and emotions that lie here amongst us to the future.”