Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju – Connecting Through Sound Art


This time Shinji Ohmaki will participate in the project for the second time and will present two art pieces.
Big black spherical body, so big that it seems to suck you up, creates mysterious timeless atmosphere. Common citizens were engaged in the process of installation and helped with the preparation of the place as well as supported the art piece creation. You can feel yourself as a part of the Universe when you visit the installation.
【Date】 October 27, 2012 (Sat)〜November 25, 2012 (Sun) *Only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
【Time】 13PM19PM
【Place】 2-31 Senju , Adachi Ward, Tokyo
Memorial Rebirth- Senju Honcho」
50 machines each of which produces 10000 soap bubbles every minute will be set up in the school yard, and the view you get used to see will change into the world of light in a moment.  The art piece “Memorial Rebirth” will take place this year also. Last time it was hold on Iroha Street, and so many children gathered to see it, and this time it will take place in the school yard of the Honcho Elementary School. A lot of people help to conduct this performance, and each time new memory is born
【Date】 November 24, 2012 (Sat)                                               
【Time】 12PM~/15PM~(each time for 30 min                       
【Place】 Honcho Elementary School (3-30 Senju, Adachi Ward, Tokyo) 

Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju – Connecting Through Sound Art